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Convertible Roof Protection

Restoration For Fabric / Vinyl Hoods and Plastic Windows

Convertible roofs tend to show age more quickly than the rest of the vehicle, they are more delicate than normal exterior fittings. Convertible roofs are tough to keep clean and are prone to fading and can attract mould and moss. More often than not Convertible rear windows are plastic and can become cloudy and scratch very easily.

The life of your convertible roof without the correct maintenance can be around 6-8 years before it will need replacing. With the correct care the life span can double to around 12 years which is the life span of most cars. A replacement hood can cost between £600 and £3000+ depending on the model of your vehicle in some cases it can cost up to £12,000 to replace the hood, this is why it is important to reproof your hood every 12 months. Reproofing once or twice in a lifetime can pay dividence.

Fabric Roof Cleaning and Fabric Guard
This option is ideal for clean or new fabric hood.

All fabric roofs come with all weather coating applied but over time this special coating wears away and will need replacing. Other wise your roof will be left un-protected to the elements of: rain, sun, bird dropping to name a few.
Before a fabric guard can be applied your roof will need to be cleaned with special hood cleaning products and soft brushes. Your car will be given our standard wash so you don’t collect a dirty car with a clean roof. Then the roof is blown dry with a heater before the fabric guard is applied, then it is blown dry between the layers of fabric guard (2 or 3 layers will be applied). This level of service is ideal for most cars that are no more than a few years old, where the hood is reasonably free from mould, moss and lichen. For older cars with dirtier roofs you may require a much deeper clean.
Fabric roof proofing protects your fabric roof by creating an invisible chemical barrier which repels water, prevents dirt, grime, bird droppings, tree sap and road salts from penetrating into the roof causing damage to the fibres. Fabric guard will also protect it from mould and mildew, but most importantly from UV rays. By having your hood proofed will prolong the life of it and add value to your vehicle.


£95.00 +VAT

20% discount when booked with any full valet/ exterior valet / PV choice new car protection.

Fabric Roof Deep Cleaning and Fabric Guard
This option is ideal for very dirty fabric hood.

Same as above but with the deep cleaning process.
Deep cleaning process involves a Special heated upholstery extraction system using soft brushes, for roofs with years of ground in dirt - will also remove lichen and moss.


£145.00 +VAT

20% discount when booked with any full valet / exterior valet / PV choice new car protection.



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