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Interior & Exterior Detailing

PV Interior Detailing

+ Ashtrays emptied and washed
+ Glove box and storage compartments cleaned
+ Air vents cleaned
+ Pedals cleaned & treated
+ Mats vacuumed
+ Carpets vacuumed
+ Seats vacuumed
+ Mats upholstery extraction shampoo and heater dried
+ Boot area vacuumed
+ All upholstery cleaned and protected with a fabric guard
+ All plastics carefully brushed, blown over with compressed air and cleaned
+ All plastics refreshed
+ Leather cleansed
+ Leather fed and nourished (rich in vitamin E)
+ Wood/Carbon fibre and chrome etc effect trims treated with polish
+ Carbon fibre surfaces cleansed, waxed and protected
+ All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished
+ All interior windows, rear view mirror & vanity mirrors cleaned with our 3 stage window cleaning process

Estimated time taken: 2 – 4 hours


Small / medium £87.50 +VAT
Large / X large £122.50 +VAT

PV Exterior Detailing

+ PV 17 stage detail Wash including door studs and boot hinge, petrol cap area, bodywork washed using sheepskin wash mitts, ph neutral shampoo and rinsed with purified water
+ Wheel arches washed and protected
+ Wheels cleaned with non- acidic wheel cleaner using natural hair wheel brushes
+ Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned
+ Full paintwork & glass decontamination process (removes in-bedded contaminants and impurities)
+ Hand dried using the PV safe-dry process
+ Tar remover sprayed to remove road tar off bodywork and wheels
+ Paintwork cleansed using Swiss*wax Cleaner Fluid
+ Swiss* wax best of show applied onto vehicle paintwork including door studs and boot stud
+ All rubber seals around doors and boot are treated
+ Tyres conditioned and protected with tyre preserve
+ Exterior vinyl and rubber trim treated with vitamin rich Conditioner
+ Wheels cleaned and sealed using swiss wax autobahn protectant
+ Brake callipers cleaned and polished
+ Exterior Windows and mirrors cleaned
+ Exterior windows/mirrors then are treated with water repellent
+ Windscreen wipers cleaned and degreased (front and rear)
+ All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished

Estimated time 1 day

Price excluding paint correction

Small / medium
£280 +VAT
Large / x large £315 +VAT

Swiss*Wax Best of show :
Enriched with passion fruit and apricot oil extracts containing 51% by volume of ultra pure Brazilian non bleached Grade One carnauba wax. Best of Show wax gives your paintwork a lustre ordinarily encountered only on prize winning classics.
Price: Included as standard with this option

Wax Up-Grade

Swiss*Wax Mystery wax :
55% by volume of the purest white grade one and unbleached natural carnauba wax. It contains high concentrations of wax esters, wax alcohols and long chain fatty acids. It is enriched with coconut, almond and vanilla extracts.
Price: £40 +VAT a layer

Swiss*Wax Crystal rock:
With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, Crystal Rock State of the Art wax has one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. In effect, it coats a cars paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film and even brings a shine to white and silver.
Price: £80 +VAT a layer

Swiss*Wax Divine:
Containing over 60% by volume of ultra pure Brazilian white carnauba.
Price: £100 +VAT a layer


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