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Terms and conditions

Please advise with as much notice as possible should you need to cancel your appointment with the Prestige Valeting. A minimum of 24 hours notice would be appreciated, any less may incur a charge. Manager’s discretion is applied.

Late arrivals.
Please notify us as soon as possible if you think you might be late. Dropping your vehicle off late will put the agreed completion time back. If we Prestige Valeting think you are too late we have the right to refuse to clean your vehicle on that day.

Late collections.
Please notify us as soon as possible if you are going to be late. You may be able to arrange a late collection time but all late collections will incur a charge at our hourly labour rate. Managers discretion is applied

We will use all reasonable endeavours to complete the services by the time and day we have stated that the services should be performed by

In the event that we cannot complete the services on the designated day we will seek to contact you and arrange for the services to be completed on the soonest available subsequent day. But we will accept no liability for failing to perform services on time, or not at all.

Valet Prices.
The prices that we show on the website, given over the telephone or in our price list, are for guidance only. On arrival at our Unit, your car will be assessed by one of our staff and if it is not as previously described, significantly more dirty than advised or additional work is requested by the customer then the customer may be subject to an increase in the charge.

Vehicle Contents.
Whilst we are fully aware that valuables are sometimes left in the car, Prestige Valeting cannot be held responsible for such items left in the car. We will endeavour to bag up any such items that are left in the car, but we respectfully ask that you remove as much as possible prior to your valet.

Prestige Valeting will endeavour to take all responsible care of your vehicle whilst it is in our possession. If we cause damage to your car through our own negligence we will, at our option either arrange to have the damage fixed or we will pay reasonable compensation. We will not be liable for the following.

Damage or loss of your vehicle if you leave your vehicle outside our premises before or after our usual opening hours. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle.

Damage or loss to your vehicle caused by lightening, flood, severe weather, fire or explosion, civil disorder, war or military operations, national or local emergencies, any government emergency or other competent authority or industrial dispute of any kind.

Loss or damage to you or your vehicle caused by us which is attributable to defects, damage or weakness in your vehicle which have not been disclosed to Prestige Valeting, irrespective of whether such defects were previously known by you. Other than liability for death or personal injury arising out of our own neglects. Please refer to point 07.0

It is your duty to disclose to Prestige Valeting any defects, damage or weakness in your vehicle, either known or suspected which may affect any work that prestige valeting may undertake during the cleaning process.

Payment is agreed by Prestige Valeting and yourself prior to us taking possession of your vehicle and by leaving your vehicle with us you are agreeing to the payment discussed and thereby you have entered a verbal contract with Prestige Valeting. Non-payment will be perused via our debt collectors.

All other clients agree to pay for the service in full before the car is released back to you. Your vehicle shall remain with Prestige Valeting until full payment is received and as such may incur extra charges for storage at a daily rate of £8.50 per day or part day.

Payment methods are Cash. Cheque. BACS payment.

Discount price.
Prestige Valeting reserve the right to give a discount price to our loyal customers, providing they come on a regular basis. Prestige Valeting reserves the right to stop the discount at any given time.

Account customers agree to pay for their cleaning as per the terms of our invoice of 10 days after receipt of such invoice.

Any late payments will incur a 4% sur-charge per week

You will be liable to Prestige Valeting for any death or injury caused to any staff member or visitor to Prestige Valeting attributable to any defect in your vehicle or harmful contents. E.g. hypodermic needles

Any illegal substances or items that are discovered in your car will immediately result in your clean being terminated and your car will be secured and the relevant authorities notified. It is not our responsibility to notify you of this should it occur.

Prestige Valeting cannot be held responsible for any person or persons entering the unit and causing injury to themselves due to the slippery floor or obstructions. The notices on the exterior of the building should therefore be noted. It should also be noted that the public are not permitted to enter the work bay areas of the unit without prior permission of the Management of Prestige Valeting, the reception area situated at the front of the building is for the use of you the client.

Child seats should be removed by you prior to your car being left with us, however if they are not, we cannot be held responsible for removing these and therefore they will remain in the vehicle and we will valet / clean around them. Prestige Valeting staff or management will not put child car seats back into the vehicle and therefore you must ensure that your child seats are secure before using them, prestige Valeting cannot be held liable for injury or loss caused by you not re- securing your child seat.

Prestige Valeting management reserve the right to refuse to clean a vehicle and no further contracts will be undertaken

You confirm that you have a spare set of keys for the vehicle. Just in case the faulty and we cannot unlock or move the vehicle.

In some products there are chemicals used which are hazardous, therefore we respectfully request that clients do not stand next to a vehicle whilst it is being washed and utilise our waiting area, alternatively remain at a minimum of 20ft away from the vehicle, any harm or injury caused by products splashing on a client due to the above not being adhered to cannot be the responsibility of Prestige Valeting and is at the clients risk entirely.

Collection and delivery.
Any vehicle that prestige valeting collect must be road legal. Prestige Valeting reserves the right to refuse to collect the vehicle if it is not road legal eg. Bald tyres.

There must be sufficient fuel in the vehicle for Prestige Valeting to collect and return to you. If the vehicle runs out of fuel you will be charged for the fuel Prestige Valeting replaces, and you may incur a labour charge for the time taken to replace the fuel. 19.0 By having your car cleaned by Prestige Valeting you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out above.


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